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Check Out Marlee's Essay Featured in an Anthology About Black Joy! 

Inspired by a deep longing for writing that embodies the vivacity of Blackness and Black life, Black Joy Unbound is a multi-genre collection that encompasses a broad spectrum of literary writing on Black joy.

Featured in this anthology is Marlee Alcina's essay, "Subway Therapist; Finding Joy in Subterranean New York." A story inspired by bearing witness to a joyful tap dancer on a subway platform. 

Copies of this anthology can be found at the following sites: 

BLF Press

Barnes and Noble

Charis Books


Purchase Marlee's Poetry Chapbook! 

The poems and illustrations in Mommy Issues; Love Poems for the Fragile, Queer Heart delve deep into the emotional intensity that surrounds the way I love– whether that love be romantic, platonic, family-oriented, or even a love for a physical space or realm. In addition, these poems explore the intersection between romantic love and mental illness, and what it means to love queerly.

Mommy Issues is available for purchase here.

Fascinated By Love: Interview with Marlee Miller

An interview with Marlee Miller and Kristy Lin Billuni. In this interview Marlee discusses what and who inspires her to write. You can check it out here.


Beginning of Marlee's Manuscript in Progress!

Check out Marlee's piece "Excerpt from “Letters to Sister Audre” in Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices Summer 2021 Issue here!

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